How our Pal Subscriptions Work

Once a month, Pals will receive their Brittney and Pals package via US Postal Services. All subscription packages include personalized letters, which are centered around our word for the month. Each package differs, depending upon which package was selected at sign-up. All Pal Packages are valid for one year, auto-renewing each year thereafter. Auto-renewal may be cancelled at any time via PayPal preferences. All parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to allow Pals to open their monthly mail on their own, of course with proper supervision.

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Please review all Pal Package options below and select which package you would like to subscribe to!

Kind Package
per year $110.99 ($9.25 per month)
  • Monthly Brittney and Pals
    personalized letter
  • Monthly educational worksheet
  • Small gift item every other month (6 total for the year)
Honest Package
per year$205.99 ($17.17 per month)
  • Monthly Brittney and Pals
    personalized letter
  • Monthly educational worksheet
  • Small gift item every month
    (12 total for the year)
  • Birthday box including two
    premium items & birthday card
  • Christmas Pal Pack (Merry Christmas!)
Friend Package
per year $280.99 ($23.42 per month)
  • Monthly personalized Brittney and Pals letter
  • Monthly educational worksheet
  • Welcome item along with first gift (Total of two gifts for the first month)
  • Exclusive gift item every month
    (12 total for the year)
  • Birthday box including two
    exclusive gift items, birthday card, & Brittney and Pals T-shirt
  • Christmas Pal Pack (Merry Christmas!)
  • Love Pal Pack (Happy Valentine's Day!)
  • Bunny Pal Pack (Happy Easter!)

Brittney and Pals also serves hospitals, schools, daycares, birthday parties, and many more. For custom events or school pricing inquiries, please contact us via email at to discuss options and further details about your event. We look forward to serving you!

**Following completion of payment, you will be prompted to an option button that can be selected to direct you back to the website. Please click on the button that directs you back to the website, so that you can fill out and submit the Pal Profile.


“We love to hear from our Pal Fans”!

Alex has really been enjoying Brittney and Pals. He looks forward to receiving his pen pal package each month and is enjoying practicing his reading and learning about the values Brittney presents. It’s a wonderful program. Lauren Miller, Alex’s Mom

Alex Miller

Jayda really loves receiving her gifts every month, she also loves reading her Pal letters!!

Jayda's Mom

This program is beyond amazing for all children! I love how it captures so many things in one. The letters are a hit, I love the lessons that are taught in all of the monthly letters! I also love how it is keeping the basic fundamentals alive-like the importance of USPS and discussing practical things that a child can relate to and practice everyday. Ms. Brittney definitely has created something amazing with this program, I can't wait to see how far Brittney and Pals will go!

Kathy Burnside

Denasia has really enjoyed receiving her packages from Brittney and Pals! Her favorite part is the word of the month. She loves reading the letter, learning new words, and sharing the new words she has learned with me. Brittney and Pals has been very beneficial to her because she has not only gotten use to receiving and opening mail addressed to her but, also she is applying the words she learns to her everyday life. Thank You!

Shay Martin

About the Founder/CEO of Brittney and Pals

Ms. Brittney Seay is the proud founder of Brittney and Pals, LLC. In addition to Brittney and Pals, she is also a Children's Book Author & Radio Show Host of It Takes a Village Radio Show. Brittney decided to turn one of her passions into her purposeful brand! Brittney’s love for children is what makes her brand so unique and special. As an adolescent, she also received gifts and activities from her childhood Pen Pal, which made her childhood even more memorable. Brittney resides in the Atlanta, GA area and holds a B.S in Early Childhood Development and also a M.A in Organizational Management. Brittney’s number one goal is to inspire as many children as she possibly can through her company and brand! "I help parents, schools, and agencies wrap their minds around what it means to let a kid simply be a kid"! -Brittney A. Seay

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